Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Battle between Canadian government and Google

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The fight between Google and the Canadian government is quite intense. Google will not show any news information or links in the search results. For this reason, the organization has announced to delete the links of various Canadian media from the search results of Google soon. Google is taking such steps as it introduces an online news-related bill in the Canadian parliament. The bill would require large organizations to pay publishers for news they post on their sites. Recently, because of this bill, Meta also announced to restrict Canadian news on Facebook and Instagram.

If passed, Canada’s Online News Act would require companies like Google and Meta to pay news publishers to display news links on their platforms. Highlighting their position on this matter, Google said that this is the wrong way to support journalism in Canada. If this becomes effective as a law, Google will not display the news or links of different Canadian media in various services including search, news.

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According to Google, paying to display news links will create uncertainty about Google’s products and services. Google already pays to support Canadian media through various programs and partnerships. There are also plans to conduct more such activities in the future. Google has signed agreements with more than 150 North American media outlets through the Google News Showcase program. Now it remains to be seen who will win this fight.

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