Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Bengali’s New Year Celebration in Calgary

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No one seems to object if I say that love is a prerequisite for happiness

No one seems to object if I say that love is a prerequisite for happiness. Pahela Boishakh, the Bengali festival; The joy of Baisakh is being prolonged due to moderation in fasting and Ramadan, the joy of opening one’s life and receiving it was not happening in the same way, neither in the country nor abroad.

Bengalis love Boishakh, the call of newness runs in his blood, then not only as a new year, but he gets an addiction to decorate everything anew. Dress up Rob. The Bangladesh Association of Calgary has come up with such a call to break the restraints, this Saturday all day festival and festival. I heard, Shubhra das Shuva and his companions were harassed.

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Yesterday I went to Bangladesh Center to see the preparations for the festival. As soon as we entered, we saw various portraits prepared for the Mangalshova Yatra – they were waiting for them, prepared in different colors and scents. Music was coming from inside, there is no way to see, the rehearsal of the fashion show is going on with the music. Mau and Poppy – I saw them both very busy, quite a lot of young people, even teenagers. I heard later, 28 people in total. Can you imagine? There is no issue in Bangladesh that they will not fashion about. In the middle of the song, a train was heard blowing its whistle—Dhaka Metro, then Padma Setu. These two are the new additions to Bangladeshi citizens’ joy, the pride of Bengalis. Bengali was less proud? Jibanananda Das poetry is less? Be it poetry, but with the tone of expression, Jibanananda has explained how relevant it is even now. And then, Coke Studio—the music branch in a new guise. And Bengali’s walk through social media, did Zuckerberg even dream that Bengali will surpass everyone on Facebook?

No, it is not right to write so much right now. Sometimes just one day, then on Saturday 29th from 10 am to 11 pm – all day long I will see our pride – from Amiya, Anu, Mushfiq to Purbasha, Muktamayi, Tapud songs, poems, dances; Then in the evening, I will sit round with a light jump, because the queen of music, Dinat Jahan Munni, has come out of Dhaka with a promise that she will not return to the country without making the Bengalis of Calgary crazy.

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