Friday, December 1, 2023

Canada Court Postpones Cross-Examination of Brijesh Mishra who Accused in Admission Fraud

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Sumit Sen L and Brijesh Mishra R

Brijesh Mishra, one of the main suspects in the Canada college admission fraud case, will be cross-examined on another date about the charges against him after the Immigration Court took his request to postpone into consideration.

Mishra informed the court that he did not receive the summons prior to the hearing date on July 26, as stated by Sumit Sen, Managing Partner of SEN LAW, who represents one of the former students Karamjeet Kaur who is facing threats of deportation.

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Mishra claims not to have received the summons. Therefore, in order to maintain procedural fairness and his right to access to legal counsel, the judge granted his request for a postponement,” Sen stated in a press conference.

Mishra was hung on June 14 by the Canadian specialists, when he attempted to returned Canada through a land line with the US. Mishra went to a detainment survey with the Movement and Outcast Board 48 hours after the fact. The Jalandhar-based migration specialist is right now under the care of the Canada Boundary Administrations Organization (CBSA).

However Mishra’s accommodation to the appointed authority appeared to be trustworthy to the last option, Sen expressed that they had presented the request at the CBSA office, and they were recognized by the Getting Official.

We will request an affidavit from the Receiving Officer if, at the subsequent hearing, he asserts that he did not receive the summons. Sen. said, “We know that our summons was signed and accepted by someone at CBSA, but it appears that it never reached Mishra.” Mishra has been in trouble before for his actions. He was arrested in 2013 for falsifying documents for international students. He used to run a consultancy firm called ‘Simple Way Movement Consultancy,’ which was struck by the police who held onto money and international IDs from him.

“For what reason would he say he was given up back in 2013? He committed the same offense of falsifying documents and is currently in jail.” added that the next bail hearing for Sen. Mishra will now take place on August 10, 2023. The notorious agent faces charges of misrepresentation, unauthorised representation, and non-compliance with CBSA-formulated immigration regulations.

The affirmed fraudster, who worked for Training Movement Administrations in Jalandhar, has been blamed for marking counterfeit confirmation letters of many Indians headed towards Canada between 2017-2020 while charging lakhs from them.

The previous understudies, who ultimately took confirmations in universities across Canada, went under the radar of CBSA while applying for their long-lasting residency (PR). The majority of the former students, who are all from Punjab, claim that they were unaware that the documents were counterfeit.

On June 14, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, made the announcement at a press conference that Canada had established a task force consisting of CBSA and IRCC personnel to investigate the cases.

While the applications are being examined by the authorities, the previous understudies have likewise gotten impermanent residency licenses (TRPs) for them to remain in Canada during the cycle.

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