Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Canada to provide support to Sudanese nationals

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Canada keeps on requiring a finish to savagery in Sudan and stands with the Sudanese nation as they take a stab settled. We understand that Sudanese nationals in Canada may want to extend their stay here rather than return home at this time, and we are deeply concerned about the safety of those in the area.

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The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, made the announcement today that the government of Canada will implement new immigration policies to help Sudanese temporary residents who are currently living in Canada but may not be able to return home because of the rapidly deteriorating situation in their country.

Sudanese nationals will be able to move freely between temporary streams and apply for an extension of their status in Canada once these measures are in place. This will allow them to continue their education, work, or family visits without incurring any costs. These measures would make sure that the Sudanese people already living in Canada are safe for as long as possible, keep families together, and give them a safe place to stay. Subtleties will be made accessible in the near future.

The situation in Sudan is always changing, and moving around the country is still hard and dangerous. This makes it hard for us to process new applications right now. To work with movement applications for those still in Sudan so they can head out once it’s protected to do as such, the Public authority of Canada will likewise focus on the handling of finished impermanent and super durable home applications currently in the framework from individuals still in the country. This incorporates guest visa applications for qualified close relatives of Canadian residents and Canadian super durable occupants, so they can join their friends and family here.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to leave Sudan will also be exempt from paying fees for their passports and permanent resident travel documents.

This expands on Administration of Canada work to investigate choices in regards to takeoff help with coordinated effort with similar nations and the global local area for when conditions permit. Canadians in Sudan ought to check travel.gc.ca as frequently as workable for updates and sign up with the Public authority of Canada’s Enrollment of Canadians Abroad help.

The Emergency Watch and Response Centre of Global Affairs Canada should be contacted by Canadians wishing to leave Sudan.

  • by calling +1 613-996-8885
  • by text message at +1 613-686-3658
  • via WhatsApp at +1 613-909-8881
  • via Telegram at Canada Emergency Abroad
  • by email at [email protected]
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