City of Toronto to increase construction-related road closure audits throughout August

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On July 30th, Mayor John Tory announced that throughout August, the City of Toronto will be increasing its construction-related road closure audits to reduce traffic interruptions and enhance the mobility of all road users in advance of the return to school in September, when traffic levels are expected to rise.

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City crews regularly patrol all approved construction-related road and lane closures to ensure they are in active use, enforce permit compliance and encourage contractors to clear up construction debris and reopen the road as soon as possible once work is complete.

The increased effort over the next month aims to mitigate construction impacts and reduce delays prior to the start of the school season in September.

City staff make every effort to inform residents, local businesses and road users about construction activities and how to plan for them well in advance.

The City will continue to roll out enhanced communication in the coming weeks to better inform residents and businesses near construction sites about progress and the mitigation measures employed to minimize impacts.

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