Government of Yukon shares progress on Our Clean Future goals and releases territory-wide climate risk and resilience assessment

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On 12th September, the Government of Yukon released the second annual report on the progress made to implement Our Clean Future: A Yukon strategy for climate change, energy and a green economy.

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The 2021 annual report details the government’s progress on Our Clean Future goals and targets, including the 136 commitments outlined in the strategy. In 2021, key actions under Our Clean Future supported the removal of plastic bags from circulation in the territory, engagement with youth on climate issues through the Yukon Youth Panel on Climate Change, a decline in emissions between 2019 and 2020 and the doubling of the amount of zero-emissions vehicles on the road.

The Government of Yukon also completed its first territory-wide climate risk and resilience assessment, a key commitment under Our Clean Future. The report, Assessing Climate Change Risk and Resilience in the Yukon, outlines the impacts of climate change that pose the highest risk to Yukoners. It identifies seven priorities where more action is needed to build resilience:

  1. Transportation infrastructure;
  2. Floods and fires;
  3. Permafrost thaw;
  4. Ecosystems and biodiversity;
  5. Changing conditions on the land;
  6. Health and wellbeing; and
  7. Economy and livelihoods.

The report identifies where government and community actions are contributing to resilience, and where further action is needed.

The report will be a key resource for the government to assess, adjust and accelerate climate actions under Our Clean Future and to ensure the Yukon is resilient to climate change impacts.

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