Monday, November 27, 2023

I wrote the name in the heart and the trip to New York

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First I wanted to go to Los Angeles Then Mexico But finally decided to go to New York The reason is that I do not want to make a long journey at the moment Besides I always enjoy New York

I have written in my heart the work of name book is almost finished. Edited about thirty nine times so far. I have never worked so hard for a book. A book of about six hundred pages. I took the advice of many friends. Named according to the content of the book, poet Maruful Islam. Still not fully satisfied. The author has no satisfaction though. Dhruv Esh has done a nice cover of the book. Publisher Ananya. Now I need a break. Continuous braking. head jam

I explained everything to Ark Aritri.

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Aritri said, come around somewhere.

good advice First I wanted to go to Los Angeles. Then Mexico. But finally decided to go to New York. The reason is that I do not want to make a long journey at the moment. Besides, I always enjoy New York. New York is mentioned numerous times in the book.
I told the incident to my friend Akbar Haider Kiran.

Kiran bhai said, mamma came. The room will be arranged for you.

Friend Sadek Shibli said, I want to pick the seat at the airport.

I told Aritri I want to go to New York.

Aritri said, tell me the date when you will go.

Aritri was in Tokyo at the time. I told the date. I woke up in the morning and saw that the ticket was sent to the email.

I will be in New York from October 28 to November 3. Friends will meet, there will be a great chat.

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