Tuesday, December 5, 2023

NDP react to funding announcement for families of Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

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The NDPs Critic for Women and Gender Equality Leah Gazan

The NDP’s Critic for Women and Gender Equality, Leah Gazan, and the Critic for Indigenous Services, Lori Idlout, made the following statement:

“We would like to congratulate Caring Hearts Counselling, on receiving this funding allocation in support of their work with families coping with grief. This is a positive step.

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However, it has been almost three years since the release of the report of the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls and the Liberal government continues to respond inadequately to this ongoing genocide.

Although we commend the government’s support for this critical initiative, in some parts of the country rates of violence have increased as much as 400 times as a result of their lack of action. This includes the delay in releasing a national action plan to respond to the crisis of MMIWG2S, a plan that was supposed to be submitted a year after the release of the final report.

Families and survivors have waited long enough. The government must stop staling and immediately release the national action plan, and ensure the proper resources are attached so that all 231 Calls for Justice can be finally implemented. This includes a guaranteed livable basic income in response to Call for Justice 4.5. The failure of the Liberal government to act is costing lives. They must act now to end the epidemic of violence against Indigenous women, girls and LGBTQQIA+ individuals.”

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