New collaborative heritage awareness campaign underway

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The Government of Yukon, the Council of Yukon First Nations, the Yukon Heritage Working Group and Yukon First Nations are working together to promote the collaborative management of the Yukon’s heritage resources through a new awareness campaign.

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The campaign, called Yukon’s Living Heritage, aims to educate the public about heritage resources, their value and what to do with chance finds.

Heritage resources include a range of things such as historic sites and objects, archaeological artifacts, paleontological fossils and other remains of extinct plants and animals, as well as landscape features that reveal a historic relationship between people and the land.

The Yukon’s heritage resources are important and irreplaceable. If individuals discover something that looks like it might have heritage value, please leave it in place. Take a picture, write a description, record its location (with GPS coordinates if possible) and report the find.  Phone and email contacts are in place to make reporting chance finds quick and easy.

All heritage resources are protected and the responsibility of the Government of Yukon and Yukon First Nations through the Historic Resources Act, the Yukon First Nations Heritage Acts and under Chapter 13 of the Umbrella Final Agreement and individual Final Agreements.

Wherever you are in the Yukon, you are on a Yukon First Nation’s traditional territory. Yukon and First Nation governments are working together to protect the ongoing story of our living heritage.

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