Wednesday, December 6, 2023

New Paid Sick Leave Rebate Program Launched by Yukon Government to Help Employers and Workers

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Premier Ranj Pillai spoke with Karen McColl Managing Editor of North of Ordinary at the Start Up Canada event in Whitehorse on Tuesday April 25 2023 Photo by Yukon government

On 25th April, Head Ranj Pillai reported another Paid Wiped out Leave Refund Program that will furnish laborers and independently employed Yukoners with as long as 40 hours of paid debilitated leave each year time frame at no expense for their manager. The program covers all eligible workers who earn less than or equal to the typical hourly wage in the private sector in the Yukon, which is $33.94.

If a worker takes unpaid sick leave, they are most likely to face financial difficulties because their earnings are below this threshold.

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The discount program intends to:

  • Provide financial stability to employees who must take time off work because of sickness or injury;
  • Help keep people healthy in the Yukon;
  • Encourage workers to stay home if they’re feeling unwell;
  • Allow Yukon employers to provide more employee benefits without paying extra costs;
  • Strengthen Yukon businesses’ competitiveness in the labour market; and,
  • Help Yukon businesses attract and retain workers.

The new Paid Debilitated Leave Discount program will cover wiped out leave taken from April 1, 2023 to Walk 31, 2025. It replaces the as of late lapsed paid wiped out leave program which was sent off in light of Coronavirus. This new rebate covers any illness or injury that is not covered by another Act, unlike the previous program, and it does not just cover COVID-19-related absences from work.

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