Wednesday, December 6, 2023

North America Jalalabad Gold Cup 2023 in Toronto

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North America Jalalabad Gold Cup 2023 in Toronto

The first season of the North America Jalalabad Gold Cup 2023 football tournament was held on the 24th of September (Sunday) at the LM Sports Complex located in Kennedy and McNicol in Toronto.

Toronto and Montreal from Canada and New York and Michigan from the United States participated in this tournament organized by Jalalabad Association of Toronto. Toronto defeated Montreal in the first match, then New York. -York beats Michigan.

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Finally, the final game was played between Toronto and New York. There was a festive atmosphere in the field with the participation of footballers of 4 teams, team-management and football lovers of all levels. In the final match, New York defeated Toronto 2-0 to become the champion.

Toronto fell behind by 2 goals in the first half to New York’s offensive play. Later it was not possible for them to return to the game. Honorable sponsors of Jalalabad Gold Cup 2023 Football Tournament were Barrister Rijuan Rahman, Sudeep Som, Tapas Roy, Sarwar Ahmed, Hisham Chishti, Sudip Som, Tapos Roy, Jabrul Islam, Nazmul Jaegirdar, Vivek Sen, Rajeev Das, Haseeb Hossain, Robin Islam, Ajmal Mia, Gautam Pal, Uddin Catering and CM Designers and Engineers.

Our community’s guest of honor Dolly Begum, MPP for Scarborough South West constituency, made the event more lively. Present and former Executive Officers of Jalalabad Association of Toronto along with our sponsors and guests presented prize money, trophies and medals to the champions and runners-up teams. Honorable former president of Jalalabad Association of Toronto Chad Chowdhury, Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury, Debbrat de Tamal were also present in the award distribution ceremony.

Mahbub Chowdhury (Roni) President, Maqbul Hossain (Executive Vice President), Hossain Ahmed (Vice President), Asjad Bakht Chowdhury (Vice President), Mehdi Maruf (General Secretary) were in charge of tournament management on behalf of Jalalabad Association of Toronto. Russell Ahmed (Organizing Secretary), Mansoor Ahmed (Join-Organizing Secretary), Jewel Ahmed (Sports Secretary), Farooq Ahmed (Finance Secretary), Ejaz Chowdhury (Join-General Secretary), Abu Zahir Shakib (Join-General Secretary), Habibur Rahman Chowdhury (Dharma-Editor), Ali Hossain (Associate-Dharma-Editor), Hasan Tarek Imam (Publicity Editor), Sanjeev Roy (Joint Publicity Editor), Ilyach Khan (Executive Member), Kashem Joy (Executive Member), Vivek Sen Rajeev (Executive Member), Mehdi Chowdhury (Executive Member) and Naeem Chowdhury (Joint Cultural Secretary). Congratulations to the champion New-York youth association from the Jalalabad Association of Toronto. Heartfelt thanks to the players and management of each participating team for the successful organization of the Jalalabad Gold Cup 2023 football tournament. Heartfelt thanks to the official photographer of the tournament, Marjan Ahmed Siddiqui.

Toronto, Canada

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