Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Off-Duty Officer Arrests Armed Man

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An off the clock cop, who mediated in an endeavored carjacking and captured a suspect who took shots at him during a concise foot pursue in Scarborough, was respected with a Legitimacy Imprint at the Toronto Police Administration Grants at central command on April 18.

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On September 10, 2022, shortly after midnight, Constable Igor Zdrazhko made a stop at a plaza near Morningside Ave. Staines Rd. to get some food after work.

Zdrazhko noticed two men wearing hoodies over their heads walking around the plaza looking into cars as he waited in his car for the food.

He recalled, “They looked into my car and walked off.”

He saw the same men go to a nearby gas station while eating in his car.

According to Zdrazhko, “I heard screams coming from the direction of the gas station a few minutes later, and I knew that something had happened.” The same two men were running away when I looked around the area where the yelling was coming from.

They are said to have tried to steal a car with the driver and passenger inside. They were shot at by one of the suspects with a gun, but the driver drove off and the suspect fled on foot.

Zdrazhko followed the two men on foot as they jumped a nearby fence and headed for a pitch-black open field.

“As I was running towards them, they split up and scattered,” he said. ” I only carried a handcuff set and a satchel. I pursued one of them and yelled, “This is the police, stop.” He said he was going to shoot me as I continued to pursue. The man fired a gun as soon as I realized he might be armed. I changed my course because I realized that shooting straight while running is difficult. I could smell the gunpowder and knew it wasn’t a BB gun as I continued to pursue him.

While running, the suspect misplaced one of his shoes and slowed down.

“That was great since I had the option to draw near to him and tackle him to the ground from behind,” said Zdrazhko. ” I got his right hand where he had the firearm, tore it beyond his control and tossed it out of his span. I thought he might have been trying to get his partner’s attention when he started screaming so loudly. I put him in handcuffs and looked around to see if the other man was heading in our direction. He was reminded that I am a police officer and that he is wanted for attempted robbery and firearm discharge.

With the suspect in custody, the official got back to 9-1-1 for up.

Zdrazhko’s bravery and commitment were praised by Inspector Michael Williams, the second in command at 42 Division.

“To do what he carried out while off-responsibility to safeguard individuals from people in general exceeds everyone’s expectations,” he said. ” We are just thankful that the outcome was favorable and that he is safe because he did a lot more than anyone would expect one of our officers to do.

In all actuality by the Toronto Police Administrations Board (TPSB), the Legitimacy Imprint is granted for praiseworthy demonstrations of valiance, execution of obligation, local area policing drives or advancements that upgrade the picture or activity of the Assistance.

At the event, officers and civilian members who demonstrated dedication and compassion in their work, whether by ensuring the safety of people in mental health crises or by leading complex investigations, received commendations, Mental Health Excellence Awards, Teamwork Commendations, and Community Member Awards.

Chief Myron Demkiw stated, “The award winners of tonight are, indeed, some of the very best among us.” What’s more, I’m sure that whenever got some information about their job, the greater part of them will say, ‘I was simply taking care of my business.’ While I appreciate our First Responders’ humility, I am so glad we are all here tonight because I believe it is important to recognize and celebrate their remarkable accomplishments.

The Boss let the victors know that their endeavors and the motivation they give have honestly been never so significant than this time when regard, cooperation and building trust in networks are totally basic to the outcome of the work that the association does.

Demkiw continued, “Your courageous actions in the face of danger, your resilience in the face of adversity, and your willingness to go above and beyond in finding solutions to the complex challenges facing our city help us to build stronger and safer communities and make your colleagues and the city so proud.”

“I want to express my immense gratitude and appreciation for your work. As your Chief, I am honored to have the privilege of leading a police service with individuals of such high caliber.”

TPSB Break Seat Lisa Kostakis said the awardees really exhibit greatness in policing.

“Their activities rouse every last one of us to take a stab at new levels of impressive skill and administration to the local area,” she said. ” Every day, members of the Toronto Police Service patrol our streets to improve our city’s safety, kindness, and quality of life. They face incredible risk with caring fortitude and manage endless circumstances of turmoil, misery and hazard with their brand name amazing skill, sympathy and commitment.”

Forensic Identification Services’ Erica Butula, Courtney Ervick, and Jaclyn Slaney, Parking Enforcement’s Joan Stamp, and the Toronto Police Operations Centre’s retired Sergeant Douglas Surphlis, were the recipients of the Commendation.

The recipients of the Mental Health Excellence Award were 41 Division Constables Lloyd Samuell and Akin Gul, as well as Organized Crime Enforcement Unit Detective Allan Racette.

Josh Kramer, Alykhan Walli, Brad Thompson, Teymuraz Chichagua, Steve Miller, and Christine Yoo of the Marine Unit were the recipients of the Community Award.

Collaboration Tributes were introduced to Resigned Sergeant Harold Morris, Sergeants Matthew Daigle, Antonia Macias, Scott Allan and Melissa Misiuda, Analyst Kwang Lee and Constables Maria Paz Arias Vernal, Courtney Bennett, Joseph Dropuljic, Timothy Value, Antonio Rumolo, Kevin Stevenson, Adam Veleke, Alexander Youthful, Hillary Dignitary, Wendy Dim, Amrit Nijjar, Azeem Patel, Marco Ricciardi, Philip Semczuk, Harris Syed, Harpreet Sahota, Jonathan Chan, Scott Hodgson, Katelyn Holden, Rajendra Persaud, Janet Stather and Christopher Thomas.

Constables Alykhan Walli, Andrew Taylor, Farshad Daryaram, Jacques Zinati, Bradley Wilson, Kevin Steele, Jason Keegan, Bradley Coutts, Elena Stepanenko, Noreen Gordon, Adrian Terzo, and Civilians Elizabeth Rosen and Heather Hosking were among the other recipients of the Teamwork Commendation.

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