Tuesday, December 5, 2023

One of us was Rabindranath

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Rabindranath Tagore

After a long time I came back with flowers and vegetables from my garden. I am not able to stay regular in writing due to personal engagement. But I can guess that it can be better without Facebook. Age has increased, I can’t take stress these days. Everything in our society, politics, education, knowledge and science is now controlled by religion. Even our social norms and culture are now captive to religion and evil.

We have no anxiety there, but our whole life system now has no worldly affection, we have no responsibility towards this beautiful world, we have no duty to the people of the world, our affection and love is only for an imaginary kingdom of heaven after death. There is the temptation to consume female flesh.

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There is an opportunity to eat as many grapes as you like from the wind without cultivation, there are rivers flowing with milk without cows. After death, the body merges into the ground, even after it turns into ashes in the pyre, there is no evidence for how this body reappears in the afterlife, although there is no evidence to support this greed.

Now doctors, engineers, scientists, Amla Kamla are all crazy with this greed. Brutality, stupidity, hypocrisy, ugliness, malice have gripped us. Almost all of us believe that religion is life, but without theft, corruption, our lives are worthless.

Seeing these things makes me sad, the degradation of people makes me sad. I have always dreamed of a science minded rational modern society. There is no malice, no hatred, no revenge. There is only the presence of people rich in love and human values. That’s why I write. That’s why I protest. But these are the cries of the forest.

My writing will not change the society. We had Rabindranath, Vidyasagar, Raja Rammohan. Did they change anything? Who is there like me Chunoputi? We may never be human again.

So who likes to be only fanatical Bengalis Birag Bhajan? They secretly hide their faces here and there behind the bushes and speak against me, but they do not have the strength to come forward and present arguments. I don’t want these loving people to disappear from my presence. I wish them well and stay healthy.

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