Monday, December 4, 2023

Ontario Strengthening the Northern Ontario Agri-Food Value Chain

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Provincial investment helping expand agri food networks

The Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance (NOFIA) will receive up to $100,000 from the government of Ontario to study, evaluate, and expand the network of agri-food producers, processors, distributors, procurers, and consumers in Northern Ontario.

Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Lisa Thompson stated, “NOFIA is uniquely positioned to examine ways we can establish a stronger agri-food industry in the region.” Farmers and agri-food businesses will be able to expand their market reach and build a stronger supply chain with the assistance of this investment, which will equip businesses in Northern Ontario with crucial information.

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NOFIA will develop workshops, host business networking events, conduct research and case studies, compile market strategies, and compile case studies through this investment.

  • a directory of food producers across the northern region
  • a best practice guide for local food procurement practices for remote communities
  • marketing support to increase the consumption and availability of local food in northern and remote communities
  • resources that support food literacy in Northern Ontario
  • business-to-business meetings and tours that encourage new market opportunities.

“As Ontario’s populace develops, our capacity to create high volumes of value food should stay aware of the speed as we position ourselves to join supply chains broadly and all around the world,” said Greg Rickford, Clergyman of Northern Turn of events. ” We are proud to support the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance, which has an outstanding track record of advancing innovation in the agricultural sector. Northern Ontario presents a unique opportunity to meet these demands.

This investment contributes to achieving the ambitious objectives outlined in the Grow Ontario Strategy and builds on previous actions that support the resilience of Northern Ontario’s food supply chain.

As stated in the budget for 2023: Building Serious areas of strength for a, the public authority is likewise sending off the Veterinary Impetus Program and another Cooperative Specialist of Veterinary Medication Program, as a team with the Colleges of Guelph and Lakehead, to address veterinarian deficiencies in provincial and Northern Ontario.

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