Monday, November 27, 2023

The price of eggs

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A dozen eggs in Canada cost two and a halfthree dollars a few years ago Now a dozen eggs have to be bought for four dollars

A dozen eggs in Canada cost two and a half/three dollars a few years ago. Now a dozen eggs have to be bought for four dollars.

Octane was 80 cents per liter a few years back. Buy now for 1 dollar 50 cents per liter. Almost double the price. When you go to buy octane, abuse comes from your mind.

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But Canada exports petroleum. Also imports. Exports to America, and imports from America. No wonder!

Food prices in Canada have increased dramatically. I used to buy two boiled rice for 10 kg for 10 dollars, now I buy it for 18 dollars. The price of edible oil has also tripled.

Bank interest rates have increased several times. Interest on home mortgages (house loans) was below 2 percent, now at 6.5 percent. So buying a house is very difficult now. The rent is also double. One bedroom apartment rent is 2 thousand dollars per month. Car prices are also very high now.

Here electricity prices are increasing but there is never electricity load shedding. It’s another matter if a disaster causes damage to a distribution line.

Electricity means power. It means the driving force of the economy. If there is no electricity, the industrial economy will fail. Maybe that’s why Canada doesn’t do electricity load shedding.

An increase in the price of octane may be responsible for the increase in commodity prices in Canada. Because daily necessities have to be imported by loading trucks. Again, in the country where goods are produced, energy is consumed to produce them. The price of that energy has also increased.

The price of goods has increased but the salary has not increased. So what is the way? There is a way. Moving to Bangladesh.

Whenever I go to Bangladesh, I hear that everything is more expensive. There is no electricity on it. Everyone is restless in the heat.

Election ahead. That’s why politics is heating up. Among them, America has announced a new visa policy for Bangladesh. Canada’s policy may be the same. As a result, the new polarization of relations between Bangladesh and America has started.

In this situation, we Bangladeshi Americans or Bangladeshi Canadians are in a bit of trouble. Keep our standards, or keep the status quo. What are we expatriates?

Because there is electricity, the head is still a little cold in the air of the fan AC.

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