Wednesday, September 20, 2023

TTC’s March schedules improve reliability and continue to match capacity with demand

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Starting Mar. 26, the TTC will implement new schedules on some routes. Roughly 80 per cent of daytime routes in the transit system will remain unchanged, or will be temporarily adjusted, to facilitate construction activity.

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The TTC will implement service adjustments on the remaining 20 per cent of daytime routes. These adjustments will focus on improving service reliability to ensure more predictable timing between vehicles as the TTC continues to match capacity with demand. The service adjustments are consistent with the TTC’s Board-approved 2023 operating budget.

“The TTC is continuing to offer service well above ridership levels as we work to recover from the pandemic. I’m pleased to see that changes to service will improve reliability for hardworking residents who rely on transit every day. The 2023 budget just approved by City Council invests in the TTC – in service and safety,” said Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie.

“We have always said that we would ensure that TTC service matched demand,” said TTC Chair Jon Burnside. “We understand that reliability is also important and the TTC has worked to prioritize this as a way of improving our customer’s commutes. Thank you to the entire TTC team for their ongoing efforts to improve our customers’ experience and provide more convenient travel options.”

“This year, we are still working through significant shifts in travel patterns, brought on largely by remote work,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “Although ridership is approaching 70 per cent of what it was pre-pandemic, we are preserving service levels on the vast majority of our routes in March,”

At a high level, the March 26 schedules will include changes to 37 daytime routes and two overnight routes in 327 periods of operation where service reliability will be improved, capacity will be matched to demand, or both. The service adjustments will affect customers as follows:
– Approximately two-thirds of March schedule changes will include a service reliability improvement making service more predictable.

– Thirty-six per cent of schedule changes will result in no change or a shorter wait time.

– Just over half of the schedule changes will result in a longer wait time of between 30 seconds and three minutes.

– Less than 10 per cent of changes will result in a longer wait time of between three to 11 minutes.

– March schedule changes will result in the suspension of express services in some times of the day on five corridors where alternative local routes operate.

– Service investments will be made in 13 neigbourhood improvement areas. New service will be implemented during the peaks to the Stanley Greene neighbourhood in Downsview, and overnight service enhancements will be made on the 335 Jane and 336 Finch West.

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