Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Urgent Action Needed to Address Labour Shortages

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On August 9th, Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, released a statement following the reintroduction of Ontario’s 2022 budget and Speech from the Throne for the new session of the Legislature:

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“Across sectors, employers in Ontario cannot find enough qualified candidates to fill job vacancies. Labour shortages are significant in healthcare, construction, early childhood education, aviation, agriculture, food and beverage manufacturing, and more. These are having substantial impacts on the broader workforce and economy.

“For example, staffing shortages in Ontario’s health care sector impact worker absenteeism, community wellbeing, and overall economic health. Addressing capacity gaps and backlogs within Ontario’s health care system is urgent. A health human resource strategy should focus on leveraging technology and health innovation, collecting data, tackling immediate workforce shortages, and supporting the next generation of health care professionals.

“The Ontario Government has taken steps to mitigate labour shortfalls through recognition of foreign credentials, red tape reduction, and economic immigration. However, workforce development strategies are needed to address gaps. With the return of the Legislature, we call on all parties to collaborate with the public and private sector to implement recommendations from our Blueprint to Bolster Prosperitywhich outlines both immediate and long-term solutions to Ontario’s labour shortages.”

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