Friday, December 1, 2023

What a mess of people in the subway or on the sidewalk

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Either give 100 notes or give weed or ganja I have seen many types of beggars but this is the first time I have seen a beggar with such a demand

I was sitting in a glass-enclosed room for work. The theater room was remodeled a few years ago. Music shows, operas, theaters of world famous artists are held here. You have to buy tickets at a good price to see all those shows.

I had the opportunity to go there without paying any ticket and be a part of the exhibition. and making money. It is a matter of luck to be able to enter all these halls.

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Part of the day’s work was to see the opera. What a great combination together with so many different instruments of various musical instruments. An incredibly beautiful melody has been created together. Among them, the opera singer sang in a high voice. Sometimes his voice is touching the sky and sometimes it seems to be mixing with the ground, flying in the air. Like the current of the river, the hall is floating around the room. At that time, many kinds of music are playing together. It is not so wrong that about fifty musicians are playing in the same rhythm. And sometimes it stops with a gentle hand gesture. The other actors are talking, in tune. That combination is terrifyingly beautiful.

We used to sit like ourselves. We were all eating and chatting together. One strummed a guitar and caught our attention. Another man sang from the side. A few people joined in by swaying their bodies to the rhythm of the dance. It was a beautiful event without any preparation.

The time is February this year. February is the month of bitter winter here. It was a bit hot that day but not so much that anyone would be sitting outside in bare clothes.

I sat in my room in the comfort of the heat. I looked out of the glass and saw the man sitting naked on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. He also has a dog with him.

There are three dollar signs next to the sign that the man has written, which means that he will not be given ten and twenty, but there will be two zeros behind the money given to him.

Either give 100 notes or give weed or ganja. I have seen many types of beggars but this is the first time I have seen a beggar with such a demand.

I saw people walking on the sidewalk looking at him strangely and then passing by without saying anything.

I have no idea whether the body gets hot by consuming ganja. I heard that Himalayan monks also live in Nangto. Is it possible to eat cannabis? I think, I don’t know.

Downtown means a lot of variety. On the subway or on the sidewalk, many different kinds of people have the opportunity to see a variety of activities. Events, protests of various tribes. Police are busy with many things. Besides, some sing songs, give speeches, play various musical instruments. Their playing of instruments or singing is very beautiful. I used to spend a lot of time in that station once inside the subway listening to someone’s music.

in own mind sings the waves of melody for hours. A few small notes in their matching containers. They earn two zeros a day. The chance to see this cannabis beggar that day. When he sits like this, he must get something.

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