Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Where do we parents go!

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I ran next to the house! It did not help! Although admitted at 7:50 on Saturday, the duty doctor came at 9:00! How does it feel! However, I do not know yet another terrible news is waiting!

At 11 pm on Friday night when passing IBA hostel near the house in Purba Rajabazar, Rita’s phone – June’s body feels hot, buy a napa syrup and enter the house! Then slept with a warm body! If the temperature rises at night, wipe the body with a wet cloth and cool it several times! I did the job of watching a kind of sleep on the side!

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Rita was doing what she was doing, I was sleeping soundly in the early morning, suddenly Rita’s scream-sweet father; Bring water – what kind of my June! Rushed with a mug of water to see my daughter dull! I do not understand what to do in shock! Quickly pour the water-Rita’s cry-shouting water a little on June’s head, a little on Rita’s feet! Speaking of more water, I pulled a bucket full of shaking hands from the bathroom! By that time, the brothers and sisters of the flat next door have come running!

June in my lap, and Rita running back and forth! At the speed of the storm we went to the nearest hospital to the emergency department! The doctor wrote a slip and sent it to the reception for admission! Looking ahead to the patient’s condition, depositing 5 thousand rupees to Bikash at the reception, after promising to deposit another 5 thousand by noon, the paperwork began! Rita was also talking about rushing to the government hospital after not getting a doctor in the admitted ward! Because our experience there is not so bad anyway!

After burning a lot of wood, it was found out at 3 pm that Tawhida June was dengue positive! How many questions we hear about the medical services of government hospitals! But this is one of the 3 consecutive hospitals on the same road from Panthpath of the capital to Kala Bagan! This is the first time that the 2-year-old girl is spending the night in my hospital at the end of the day! And the authorities claim that they are unable to cope with the number of patients! Where do we parents go!

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